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Fort Payne: The View From Lookout Mountain – Sweet Home Alabama

English: Aerial view of Fort Payne, Alabama, USA

The Alabama Tourism folks have put together a number of “Road Trips” in the Alabama Mountain Dreams area of coverage. I’ll be linking to a number of them in coming posts. This particular road trip is one I need to spend some time exploring. Every time we make our trip to the mountains from our home in Texas it’s this area that gets our mountain excitement started. Traveling up I59 we can not wait till Lookout Mountain comes in sight off to the east. From this point on in the trip, mountains will become our constant companions.

Road Trip #27

The largest city along the Alabama portion of Lookout Mountain Parkway is Fort Payne (887-805-4740). It is located on what was originally an important village in the Cherokee Nation and was home to Sequoyah who created the Cherokee alphabet that made reading and writing in that language possible. History tells us that Sequoyah is the only person ever to conceive an alphabet in its entirety.

A canvas of scenic beauty year-round is the best way to describe the Lookout Mountain area of northeastern Alabama, especially in DeKalb County, near Fort Payne. Native poplars, dogwoods, maples and hickories explode throughout the area in the fall and provide a panoramic showcase of vibrant yellow, gold and orange. Chock-full of natural splendor, the area is also known for its protected forestlands, which are rich with greenery in the spring. Little River Canyon, considered a marvel of nature and a recreational wonder, boasts a river that begins and ends entirely on top of a mountain and attracts visitors throughout the year. Many come here simply to view the beautiful waterfalls; others come to enjoy some of the country’s best whitewater kayaking.

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