Mountain Dreams

Shooting in Alabama Mountains

Bump firing, sniper rifles, shotguns, campfire, and a brotherhood of friends. What a great way to spend a long weekend. Come explore Alabama and the wild Ginseng found here in the Alabama mountains! Come see what makes Alabama so beautiful! Come see my adventures through the Appalachian Mountains!
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13 replies on “Shooting in Alabama Mountains”

we’re gonna tape another one when i come back so i can redeem my shooting stance… haha

Nah, not that one. It is a Magnum but the Rifle is no heavy that it absorbs most o the recoil.

My dad confiscated it years ago when they still did that. I don’t know why it hasn’t went for auction yet but that’s the first time it was fired in years, since he got it.

I thought the Winchester was going to be the Garand, but you whipped out the carbine instead.

Badass R-700, how much was that rifle?

Once there gone, there will be no more!! Time to protect it !! They are getting rare!!

Thanks so much I hoped you enjoyed.. be sure to come by site and check out Alabama! It allows me to produce more videos.. keep your eye open got more coming!

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