Lookout Mountain in historical photos

Almost every trip we make into the Appalachians from our home in Texas travels the length of Lookout and Sand Mountains. After the rolling hills of Birmingham, Lookout Mountain is the next major landmark that lets us know we are really heading into the mountains. The corridor through Alabama, Georgia and into Tennessee always settles […]

Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club Down Hill Slalom

The Atlanta Chapter of the Black Sabbath MC nation slaloms through the Alabama mountains! Video Rating: 5 / 5

10150 CR103 Alabama Mountain.wmv

Home in Mentone, Alabama mountains Video Rating: 5 / 5

Jefferson County, Alabama

Jefferson County, Alabama: Birmingham, Alabama, Mountain Brook, Alabama, Adamsville, Alabama, Pleasant Grove, Alabama, Edgewater, Alabama

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Lookout Mountain Adrenaline

I edited this video from contributed footage and footage I s Video Rating: 0 / 5